Success Stories

We take pride in our friendly, professional and efficient staff, and we do our best to provide a supportive and caring work environment for them. The majority of our staff are local, and had no formal hospitality training when they began work for us. They have all been trained on the job by Ska Moteane, our Executive Chef and General Manager. Many of our staff members come from very humble backgrounds, and have worked hard to be where they are today.


Diniwe Hlekwayo, Kitchen Supervisor

Diniwe Hlekwayo has lived in Thaba Tseka her whole life. She is married with two young children. She has worked at Motherland Guest House since 2011. Her enthusiasm and talent in the kitchen have helped her to grow from strength to strength, and she now holds the position of Kitchen Supervisor.

“Before I came to Motherland, I worked as a caterer. We were cooking the same food every day – very basic food like papa. I was also knitting, and making mats, but there was no market and business was slow. I was struggling. It wasn’t always easy to find food.”

“I really love working at Motherland. It has improved my life.  When I got here in 2011, my first job was to clean the passage where guests enter. I worked in housekeeping for a few months, but then I was transferred to the kitchen.”

“I’m a fast learner, and I really love to cook and learn new things. In 2014, I was promoted to Group Leader in the kitchen, and now I work as Kitchen Supervisor.”

“Now I cook, but I also supervise. If there are any difficulties in the kitchen I have to be responsible for them. Before I worked here, I hardly knew how to cook anything. Now, I love to bake, and I especially love to make Black Forest Cake.”

“I was hired here with only a secondary school qualification, but now I have practice and experience. Motherland has given me life. I spend most of my time here, this is my home. In the future, I would love to study to become a qualified Chef. I want to keep cooking and keep learning.”


Khama Daniel Khemane, Waiter

Originally from Thaba Tseka, Khama Daniel Khemane was first employed at Motherland Guest House as an assistant in the maintenance department. In 2014, his life took an unexpected change when he was transferred to the dining room, and trained to work as a waiter.

“When I first started at Motherland I was wearing overalls and boots. Now, I have to dress smartly, and I like that very much. I like working with people. Working as a waiter at Motherland has taught me to be humble and to always be polite.”

“I’ve seen other guest houses and hotels, and I think that Motherland is a place that is one-of-a-kind in the mountains. The people who work here are smart and friendly. It’s special because of its beautiful surroundings, and because of the service that we offer.”


‘Mamolemo Leaooa, Housekeeping Supervisor

‘Mamolemo Leaooa was born in Mokhotlong, but moved to Thaba Tseka when she got married. She is a mother to three children. She started working at Motherland Guest House in 2010 and, through hard work and dedication, has worked her way up to the position of Housekeeping Supervisor.

“Life was difficult before I started work at Motherland. I didn’t have the means to buy basic household supplies like soap. Now, I’m able to feed my family, and I’ve been able to make improvements to my home.”

“There was a stage in my life when I was very ill for a long time, but I didn’t lose my job – my bosses made sure that my job was kept for me, and that I was taken care of while I was ill. That is why Motherland has a special place in my heart.”

“I was a shy person when I arrived at Motherland. I used to sit by myself, I didn’t enjoy other people’s company. But my work here has taught me to work with people and to interact with them. I like to laugh with guests, I like to make them feel at home. My work here has really changed me.”

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