Sports Sponsorship

Motherland Guest House is the proud sponsor of a number of local sports organisations and events.


Thaba Tseka Horse Owners’ Association

Motherland Guest House is a major sponsor of the Thaba Tseka Horse Owners’ Association. The Association organises horse races and events throughout Lesotho, most notably the Prince Lerotholi Horse Race, a popular annual event held in Thaba Tseka.

David Tšolo, Chairman of the Association, explains what the Race and the support of Motherland Guest House mean to him:

“The whole of Lesotho comes to Thaba Tseka for the Race. It really lifts the town, it gives us a sense of pride and identity. We truly appreciate the support of Motherland Guest House in helping us to hold such events. Our organisation would not be able to achieve what it does without this kind of support.”

Football teams in Thaba Tseka

Motherland Guest House supports two local football teams: Thaba Tseka United and Liente Football Club. In the past, we have provided both teams with financial sponsorship, as well as donations of footballs, jerseys and other equipment.

Thaba Tseka United is made up of members of the Lesotho Mounted Police Service, as well as members of the public. The team is currently at the top of the Thaba Tseka District League. Liente Football Club is made up of employees of Paray Mission Hospital.

“The support of Motherland Guest House means a lot to us,” says Lehlohonolo Shale, one of the members of Thaba Tseka United. “One of the major aims of our team is to integrate the Police Service into the community. We want to show people that the police are people to work with, not people to fear.”

In the photo: Lehlohonolo Shale, Tsepa Motenalapi and Matsinyane Lefata are members of the Thaba Tseka United Football Team, proudly sponsored by Motherland Guest House.

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