Local Suppliers

We do our best to use fresh and seasonal local produce in our restaurant. We have built close relationships with farmers in Thaba Tseka, and we place a lot of importance on supporting their business. Featured in this section are the stories of some of the local farmers with whom we work.


Thaba Tseka Poultry Cooperative

Founded in the late 1970s, the Thaba Tseka Poultry Cooperative directly supports 150 families by providing them with chicks and chicken feed. From the sale of eggs, members are able to pay the Cooperative back, and to generate further profit to sustain their own livelihoods.

In 2015, the Cooperative decided to extend its activities to large-scale farming. The first phase of this project has been the planting of seven fields of potatoes. When these are harvested, Motherland Guest House will purchase large quantities of potatoes from the Cooperative on a regular basis.

70-year-old ‘Malekhanya Lekhanya and 75-year-old ‘Matsoeute Ramone have been working with the Cooperative since its inception.

“One of our missions is to create jobs in the community,” they explain. “With our farming project, we’ve been able to provide small jobs to school children, to help them raise money for their school fees.”

“We’re very happy that Motherland Guest House will be buying from us. Our project can be sustainable with support from local businesses. At first we were worried about finding a market, but now we know that our money won’t go to waste.”


Pule Lehlohonolo

Pule Lehlohonolo works as a schoolteacher at Paray High School, a five-minute walk away from Motherland Guest House. He has a large garden on the school grounds, and has built a greenhouse that enables him to grow a variety of vegetables throughout the year.

“I’ve been selling my vegetables to Motherland Guest House since 2013. Whatever vegetables I have, Motherland Guest House buys them from me, and builds their menu around my produce. I no longer have to struggle to find customers, because Motherland Guest House buys vegetables from me in bulk.”

“I support five younger siblings with the extra money that I earn from gardening. The support that I receive from Motherland Guest House really means a lot to me.”

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