Thaba Tseka

Thaba Tseka is the capital, and only town, of Lesotho’s Thaba Tseka district. The town has a hospital, a bank, a post office and a number of shops. Small in size, it has a charming, semi-rural feel to it. Thatched rondavels blend in with modern buildings, and cars, horsemen and donkeys share the roads. Positioned on the edge of a gorge, and surrounded by breathtaking mountain scenery, it offers visitors the perfect blend of adventure, comfort and accessibility.

The Sesotho word thaba means ‘mountain’, and tseka refers to the colour white when it is mixed with another colour. Tseka is often used to describe the mixed colouring of animals, such as a cow that has patches of both white and brown. The name Thaba Tseka originates from cliffs that are positioned above the village of Patise in Kolberg, approximately 20km from the town of Thaba Tseka. The cliffs bear a persistent, mysterious white colour, mixed with the black and brown of the rocks. Local knowledge and stories offer different interpretations about where the white comes from. Some people claim that it comes from the excrement of eagles, while others believe it to be a strange water mark. The origin of the colour remains unknown, and it is from this enigma that the name of the region originates.

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